Summary of the Co-op Program

The optional co-op program available to HCA students meets at New Hope Baptist Church. The morning co-op meets from 8:30-10:30 a.m. The afternoon co-op meets from 1:30-3:30 p.m. The co-op serves students in grades K-6 and meets for 24 weeks per year (divided into 4 six-week periods). Co-op classes focus primarily on history and science topics and engage students in fun, hands-on activities as well as provide them with field trip opportunities and guest speakers. The classes provide a supplement to what the parents are teaching at home and are not designed to serve as the primary curriculum for the student. No grades are given.

Parents are expected to plan and teach 2 six-week periods along with a co-teacher, sub for 6 weeks, and volunteer for 2 activities during the school year. Class kits and materials are provided. We have a nursery available for those parents who need child care while they teach. We also have a preschool and PreK program for students who have an older sibling that attends the co-op; these classes have an additional fee.

In addition to co-op classes, children may be enrolled in enrichment classes, which meet from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Classes include Choir, Drama, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, and more. All enrichment classes are an added expense. The prices for enrichments are generally as follows:

  • $12 per child for a 30 minute, 1 semester class
  • $24 per child for a 1 hour, 1 semester class
  • $24 per child for a 30 minute, 2 semester class
  • $48 per child for a 1 hour, 2 semester class
  • PLUS a supply fee in specific classes


Registration Information

The co-op program is an optional program available to families who are enrolled in Heritage Christian Academy. There are additional fees for the co-op program, including a co-op fee per family and whatever additional fees per the fee schedule and for optional enrichment classes (see the registration forms on the right side of this page for more information on additional fees). Registration for the following school year begins every March and continues until classes are full. Contact the co-op board to register:

Co-op Registration Dates are as follows:

Please note that you must have an appointment time to register. Schedule your appointment by emailing

  • Pre-Registration: Turn in application, fee schedule, participant form (one per child who will be in the building each Friday; each should be notarized), parent expectations/statement of faith/dress code form, Preschool/PreK registration, and nursery registration. Please drop off paperwork at the HCA Co-op Board Table.
    • February 16 and 23
  • Registration by appointment only: Turn in all enrichment checks and confirm enrollment in enrichment classes and all teaching, subbing, and volunteer roles.
    • March 9
    • April 13
    • April 20


The steps to take in order to register for co-op this year are as follows:

  1. New families must contact Kristina Parnell at to receive an email with all of the following Google doc forms.
  1. Print off the double-sided HCA Family Schedule Form (x2 – one to turn in to us and one to keep for your own records) so you can keep track of what you register for.
  1. Wait for your email with links to the Google doc forms. Follow the instructions below to begin registration at home.
  • Special Notes about our NEW Google Doc system!
    • When you open the links, you will find that you are in “Comment” mode. This means that you cannot truly edit the document, BUT you will be able to do the following:
      • Select the area that you want to type your name or your child’s name.
      • Then select “Comments” in the upper right corner.
      • Then a panel will pop up and you will select “Comment.”
      • Then you will be able to type in your name or your child’s name.
      • Then you will select “Comment.”
      • You will know you have done this correctly if a yellow triangle pops up in the box you selected after you have completed these steps.
      • If you see a yellow triangle in a box already, you will know that someone else has already claimed that spot and it is NOT available to you.
      • The co-op board will officially type your name or your child’s name in at a later date.
  • At home, please log onto your computer and complete the following Google Doc forms:
    • HCA Coop Class List
    • HCA Coop Teaching Registration – Morning Coop
    • HCA Coop Teaching Registration – Afternoon Coop
    • HCA Coop Volunteer List
    • HCA Coop Enrichment Class Lists Grades K-2
    • HCA Coop Enrichment Class Lists Grades 3-6
  1. Once you have completed the above tasks, you will receive an email a few days later with the following documents AND your in-person registration day and time.
  • HCA Application for Admission
  • HCA Co-op Fee Schedule
  • HCA Statement of Faith, Parent Expectations, Dress Code
  • HCA Participant Form
  • HCA Family Schedule Form
  • HCA Preschool/Pre-K Registration
  • HCA Nursery Registration


Late Registration

You will need to complete the following steps to register:

  • Contact Kristina Parnell at to see if a class opening is available in your child’s grade.
  • You will bring the following completed forms to your registration appointment time:
    • HCA Application for Admission
    • HCA Co-op Fee Schedule
    • HCA Statement of Faith, Parent Expectations, Dress Code
    • HCA Participant Form (one per child)
    • HCA Preschool/Pre-K Registration, if applicable
    • HCA Nursery Registration, if applicable
    • Transcript Release Form, if your child was enrolled in a public or private school last year
    • You must also bring a checkbook.