When you register with HCA for the first time, you must complete the Request for Records form, providing us with the correct address for the last school that your child attended. Mail the form to HCA, P.O. Box 1135, Mount Juliet, TN 37121. When we receive the Request for Records form, we will contact the last school your child attended, and the school records will be sent to us. This form notifies your child’s last school and the state that you are legally enrolled.

If you are enrolling your child in HCA during the school year, a parent should go to the school to withdraw the child. At this time, you should verify that all textbooks and library books have been returned and that there are no outstanding dues, such as library late fees or lunch fees. Schools will not release your records to HCA until you return your books and pay your fees. If you are enrolling your child in HCA during the summer break, you do not need to go to the school to withdraw your child.

No, HCA provides the opportunity for you to choose your own curriculum, depending on your child and their educational needs. However, HCA does sell the Alpha Omega curriculum.

Yes, HCA sells Alpha Omega. HCA keeps this curriculum in stock; contact Ed Hagerty at (615)969-4769 or ehagerty@comcast.net for more information

There are many different curriculum sources available. HCA provides a list of curriculum sources in the HCA handbook, which can be accessed here. With HCA, you have the flexibility to switch the curriculum at any time if you feel that it is not working for you and your child.

Absolutely! Any organized or unorganized physical activity that is done on a regular basis can be considered a PE class.

HCA provides clear guidelines of courses required for graduation in the Graduation Requirement form. Key information in this form includes students being required to take the ACT and to have 24 credits before graduation. More information is available here.

HCA CRS families set their own start and end dates for the school year. The only requirement is that families must complete 180 school days each school year. A school day must consist of at least four hours.

Yes. HCA is recognized by and listed with the Tennessee Department of Education as a category IV, Church-Related School, covered by the provisions of Tennessee Codes Annotated (TCA) 49-50-801. In Tennessee, families are not considered homeschoolers by the state, and when enrolled with HCA, they are exempt from state registration. Families in all 50 states can join and benefit from HCA’s record keeping, transcript, diploma, and counseling service

You may use tutors for various subjects although the responsibility of the child’s education belongs to the parent or legal guardian.

Parents registering their children with a church-related school do not have to have a college education. Parents may either have a high school diploma or GED and homeschool their children.  For more information on HCA, click on the HCA Handbook.

Yes, our tutorial and co-op are services to our church-related school (CRS) students.

You may take as few or as many classes as you would like.

For the classes that you will be taking at tutorial, each teacher will provide you with a teacher information form that will be emailed to you after you register. This form will tell you what books to purchase, where you can get them, and how much they will cost. All the students enrolled in the same class must have the same books.

Yes, we have a calendar full of activities for our tutorial students. Most of them depend on parent volunteers, so please volunteer in areas that you enjoy.

Yes, our tutorial and co-op are services to our church-related school (CRS) students.

HCA will provide a class kit full of helpful information regarding the class topic, including past syllabuses prepared by previous teaching parents. You will also have a co-teacher who can help in the planning process. If you have ever participated in a church VBS program or the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, you will have an idea of how our classes work. The goal is for the students to have an enjoyable experience with other homeschool friends in a classroom setting while learning some useful information at the same time.

Everyone is assigned 6 weeks to be available as an “on-call” sub in case a co-op teacher becomes ill.  It is hard to predict how often you will be called, depending on illnesses prevalent in the area at any given time. You are expected to be available, to communicate with the sub coordinator if contacted, and to come to the co-op administrative desk to see if you are needed. You will be expected to assist the regular teacher in the class. The sub position is taken very seriously at HCA; parents who are unavailable when they are supposed to be “on-call” risk being released from the co-op program.

The co-op offers a mentor program. If you mark on your co-op application that you would like a mentor, we will assign a veteran co-op parent to you who you can call throughout the school year with questions or concerns. We also have a mentor lunch in August where you can meet your mentor and meet other new and veteran homeschool parents

Yes, we have a calendar full of activities for our co-op students. Most of them depend on parent volunteers, so please volunteer in areas you enjoy.