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About HCA

Katrina Hagerty, HCA Founder and CRS Administrator

Kristina Parnell, HCA Program Administrator


The Beginning

"When we began homeschooling our oldest two daughters in 1993, we had no idea that homeschooling would become such an important part of our lives. When our children reached high school, I didn’t look forward to dissecting frogs in my kitchen, but I knew there were others who could make that exciting and fun. I wanted my children to love learning and to have instructors who would make learning contagious while preparing our children for college."

-Katrina Hagerty, HCA Founder

Better Together

​"As a 2nd generation homeschooler, my heart overflows with gratitude to what my mom created in 1997. Our community at HCA loves the Lord and loves each other. My children tell me constantly that they wouldn't want to homeschool without HCA, and I feel the same way. These families ARE family; they support each other, push each other towards Jesus, and are always there with a hug, a prayer, and a word of encouragement. On top of all of that, the tutors and parents teaching my children are intelligent and kind."

-Kristina Parnell, HCA Program Administrator


Meet the Team

The HCA Board is dedicated to making HCA the best it can be!

They volunteer endless hours and are a gift from the Lord to our school! 

Co-op Board

Hearts for the Lord. Hearts for our students.

Tutorial Board

Hearts for the Lord. Hearts for our students.

"Empowering learners, enriching lives - Homeschooling with heart and soul!"

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