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Church Related School

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him."

Psalm 127:3


Heritage Christian Academy (HCA) was started in 1997 by homeschool pioneer, Katrina Hagerty, and has been serving the academic and social needs of families educating their children since then. Registering in HCA’s Church Related School (CRS) will assure that your family is complying with the state educational requirements.

Registration in HCA's CRS is always open and can be completed online. Complete the online application, email in your Transcript Release Form & Fee Calculator, and pay by Venmo for a completely digital registration process. You can begin homeschooling legally TODAY!

To start the registration process, go to Documents and select CRS for 2024-2025.

Read "What is HCA CRS?" and "How to Register" to get started!

HCA's CRS provides multiple services to homeschooling families, including: 

  • manages students’ educational records,

  • offers (optional) Stanford achievement testing,

  • provides an HCA diploma upon 12th grade graduation and a graduation ceremony and reception,

  • supplies students’ driver’s license letters and sports letters,

  • provides an optional co-op for grades K-6, an optional tutorial for grades 3-6 (annex program), and an optional tutorial for grades 7-12,

  • offers opportunities for school pictures to be taken and an HCA yearbook is available for purchase,

  • provides college transcripts and guidance counseling for graduating seniors,

  • allows for inclusion in the HCA Buy, Sell, Trade on facebook, and

  • offers some social activities, such as the International Fair, STEM Fair, etc. 


  • Pray about your decision to join HCA.

  • Go to Documents and select CRS, 2024-2025.

  • Read "What is HCA CRS?" and "How to Register."

  • Follow the instructions.

  • Purchase the curriculum your child will be using.

  • Submit your child’s immunization form and copy of their birth certificate. (If your child has been enrolled in a public or private school, these records will come from your previous school.)

  • Begin homeschooling TODAY!


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