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"Unlocking Your Potential - One Tutorial at a Time!"

HCA Tutorial Students

The optional tutorial program available to HCA students meets at New Hope Baptist Church. The tutorial serves students in grades 7-12. Qualified teachers are hired to facilitate our classes. Parents are responsible for their students throughout the week, although the tutorial teachers make the weekly assignments. Children may be enrolled in as many or as few classes as they would like.

Registration Information

The tutorial program is an optional program available to families who are enrolled in Heritage Christian Academy. There are additional fees for the tutorial program; these fees vary based on the number of courses you choose to enroll your children in. Registration for the following school year begins every March and continues until classes are full. Contact the office to register: or (615) 754-7946.

If you are registering for the tutorial program during the months of March or April, you will need to complete the following steps to register:


  • Complete the following forms: the tutorial application form, the tutorial fee schedule form, the tutorial participation form, and the tutorial integrity policy form. (You do not need to fill out the umbrella forms if enrolling in co-op or tutorial.

  • Notarize the tutorial participation form on your own or bring the form with you when you register at Heritage Christian Academy on the Friday you register. A notary will be present.

  • Bring payment for enrollment fees. See the fee schedule to determine the amount due.

  • Check the schedule to determine the classes you want to enroll your students in.

  • View the graduation requirements to determine classes your student must take in grades 7-12.


Bring the following items on the day you register:

  • A completed tutorial application form

  • A completed tutorial fee schedule

  • A completed and notarized tutorial participation form

  • A completed tutorial integrity form signed by the parent and student

  • CHECKS! (Dependent on the number of classes you register for and how you decide to make payments, you may need up to 2 entire checkbooks with you.) Do not fill out checks in advance if classes have closed before your registration time.


Please contact Katrina Hagerty with any registration questions at

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