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"Expanding Educational Opportunities and Inspiring a Love for Lifelong Learning."

HCA Annex Students

Heritage Christian Academy began in 1997 with a middle and high school tutorial; as the years have passed, HCA has grown and now serves the homeschool community with an umbrella school, an elementary co-op, and the middle and high school tutorial. HCA has helped thousands of homeschoolers over the years. We continue to grow and adapt to best meet the needs of homeschooled families in middle TN.

HCA also offers an elementary homeschool tutorial for 3rd-6th graders who participate in the HCA Umbrella School. This tutorial will meet once a week at Grace Place Church in Hermitage. Three classes will be offered, and each will last 55 min. long; classes will meet for 30 weeks. The schedule is as follows:


History and Science 

4th-6th grade

Tutor: Michelle Bouse

Language Arts

4th-6th grade

Tutor: Mary Catherine Conrad


4th-6th grade

Tutor: Kristina Parnell

3rd Grade 

Self Contained

Tutor: Kaitlin Belcher


Each class will be based on grade-level academic and behavioral expectations. These classes will be hands-on, interactive, and highly educational, and this would serve as the curriculum for your child for the entire year. The tutors will teach the content one day a week and provide the weekly homework assignments. Parents are responsible for assisting their children throughout the week with their homework. All parents will have access to an online portal to communicate easily with the tutors throughout the week.

The HCA Elementary Tutorial Annex aims to be simplistic; parents have no volunteer responsibilities. Parents are not permitted to stay on campus as this is a drop-off tutorial program. We are renting the exact number of rooms we need for classes, so there is no place for families to “hang out” while children are in class. Parents may run errands or wait outside while classes are in session.

If you have any questions about the HCA Annex, please contact Kristina Parnell at

Annex Schedule
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