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Our optional co-op program is available to any students registered in HCA's CRS. The co-op serves students in grades K-6 and meets for 24 weeks per year. Co-op stands for "cooperative," which means that all the students' parents come together to share the teaching and volunteering responsibilities. Co-op classes focus primarily on history and science topics; these classes are hands-on and engaging. The classes provide a supplement to what the parents are teaching at home and are not designed to serve as the primary curriculum for the student. 

Co-op Information

The co-op program is an optional program available to families who are enrolled in Heritage Christian Academy. Registration for the following school year begins every March for new families and continues until classes are full. Contact the office to register: Kristina Parnell at

Please note that HCA Co-op 2024-2025 has an extensive waitlist at this time. We are happy to add you to the waitlist as well if you would like.

Who? The co-op is open to all students in grades K-6 who are registered in HCA's Church Related School. There is a Pre-School and PreK program that is only open to younger siblings of co-op students.

What is co-op? Co-op stands for "cooperative." In this program our parents "cooperate" with one another with every parent teaching 2 six weeks with a co-teacher, subbing 1 six weeks, and volunteering as a helper for a semester in enrichment classes. We offer 2 co-ops at HCA; each family is either enrolled in the morning co-op from 8:30-10:30 or the afternoon co-op from 1:30-3:30.

What are enrichment classes? Enrichment classes are optional classes with an additional class fee. These classes meet for 12 weeks for one hour each week, or they meet for 8 weeks for 30 minutes each week. One hour classes cost $24 each, and 30 minute classes cost $8 each. Most classes have a small supply fee as well. Enrichment class offerings vary annually and have often included Spanish, Bible, Sign Language, Dissection, Nature Study, Group Games/PE, Tuttle Twins, Card Making, Watercolor, and more.

When, and where? Co-op is a 24 week program that meets on Wednesdays in Hermitage, TN.  

Why? We believe in the gift that homeschooling can be to families, but we also believe in the gift of community! Co-op offers the opportunity for your children to learn in community and develop deep, life-long friendships. Co-op offers a family to walk with you as you travel on your homeschooling journey.

How much? Pricing for 2024-2025 are as follows: Registration for co-op costs $150 per family with a $60 fundraising fee in addition to your CRS fees. The enrichment fees are listed above. The optional Preschool and PreK class is $100 per student.

How do I register for HCA's Co-op?

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